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All That And A Scoop of Honey!

My son and I have been reading in the book of Judges, and we came across the story of Samson. My son immediately waved is hand dismissively, stating, “I know that story.” He’s had these manga bible stories for quite some time, and references them frequently, but like I usually tell him, those are animated and much of […]

A Matter of Consideration

This world is so backwards. Last weekend the people that live a few buildings north of me had another of their big parties. Now normally, they aren’t too troublesome with their parties. Generally speaking, they tend to be respectful of the neighbors. They don’t play their music so loud that we hear it thundering through every […]

A Slight Change in Direction

As I’m sure most of my readers have noticed, I have been incognito of late. There’s a reason for that. First of all, I was working two jobs for a little while. In addition, my laptop was apparently in pc hell, because of viruses. I found out the hard way that when a Microsoft system […]

What To Do If Your Landlord Breaches The Lease Contract

As a single mom, I’ve had quite a few run-ins with Landlords over the years, and the struggle is always in understanding and figuring out what your rights are when the Landlord is trying to strong-arm you or extort more money from you. To be frank, I’m sick of these guys I’m currently dealing with. The […]

A Time of Testing

A friend and I have been helping each other out with a few things. We have been helping each other for a little while now, and he was supposed to hook me up 3 weeks ago as well as last week, but fell through again. That is the edited version of the situation. When he was not able to reciprocate […]

Treacherous Insurance Companies

Man, was I hot a few weeks ago! These people from Esurance, an Allstate company; had me hoppin’ mad! Most of my day was spent addressing this nonsense they tried to pull on me. I’m sure this trap was the brain child of Allstate. It was clear that this is their standard process; part of their normal policy, and used […]

God Answers #1

I’ve decided to start this as a new series. The reasons have to do with something that happened recently. Actually, the story really began several weeks ago with a crazy patient that came to me at work. First, I have to say that this person’s general appearance was rather startling. From his height, to his hair color; […]

Winter Holiday Photography. 5 Tips to Better Photos

The ability to create images like this will make for beautiful holiday memories. Photographs are permanent collections of our memories. While memories may fade, just pulling out your favorite photobook can mentally teleport you back to that special day with your child, loved one, family member, or friends. With just a glance, you’ll…

Thought For The Week 78

It may seem late to be posting on thankfulness. After all, Thanksgiving passed a few weeks ago, but I think every day should be a day of thankfulness. We should actively seek something in our day that we are thankful for. Lately, I’ve been seriously contemplating something that I heard in my Thursday night bible study group. I […]

Plan A – When Nothing Else Will Do

The right connections are so important. Only this morning my computer has decided it no longer likes my modem and refuses to connect meanwhile chasing down other wireless opportunities in my area. How often is our own life like that? We have a connection…

Aggressive Marketing

If you get an email with a title like ‘Don’t Ever Trust Me Again!’ and continues along the lines of ‘… then you don’t have to take my advice ever again!’ My advice is – Don’t * Perhaps it’s because I’m skeptical of the number of “miracle” products, “great…

Addiction or Time Management Benefit?

My son says I have an addiction. Now, I’m sure you are wondering what this could have to do with time management, because most business-minded people ascribe to the notion that playing games, either online, or on tablet or phone, is time-wasting; and has nothing at all to do with time management, especially if that […]

Business Sense?

Recently, I’ve had problems with two companies whose policies look eerily familiar. First, let’s talk about AAA. For those living outside the US, AAA is a company that supplies roadside assistance when automobiles breakdown. They have also expanded into the insurance and possibly the travel markets, and offer these additional services to their customers at discounts. What […]

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  • The Pain Connection, Part 2
    As I started researching these concepts, I found that there were scriptures that supported much of my conclusions based on hands on experience; both as a person living with and managing a pain condition, as well as from the perspective of a Holistic Practitioner. For those that may not share the same faith, some of […]
  • The Pain Connection, Part 1
    In order to find and understand problems that are the catalysts for causing pain and suffering in the body, one must view the situation from a Natural, Holistic viewpoint. From the Holistic perspective, the entire person and their personhood, must be included. The Holistic viewpoint does not separate, but brings together. There is no division, […]
  • How Do Your Sleeping Habits Affect Your Pain Pt 3
    To assist you in finding the causes of the pain you may be experiencing, we are examining different sleeping positions to see if there is a cause for pain. This back sleeper‘s first problem is the fluffy large pillow. Not only does the pillow put pressure on his neck by pushing it forward; but he […]
  • How Do Your Sleeping Habits Affect Your Pain Part 2
    In discovering the hidden sources of pain, our body position and posture must be examined. Most medical of holistic professionals will check out your posture while you are awake and standing; most likely against some measuring line or stick on a wall. However, if you really want to understand the muscles, all of our posture […]
  • How Do Your Sleeping Habits Affect Your Pain? Part 1
    There are many reasons for pain problems. Many of them stem from posture issues. However, were you aware that your posture can be affected by your sleeping position? There are positions that people sleep in that are causing muscular build up, muscular over-contraction, and muscular over-stretching that is harmful to the body. So let’s examine […]

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  • The Problem of Neuropathy
    I have several clients with Neuropathy in their feet.  I’ve had other clients that had it in their arms and fingers. One in particular was formerly a drummer and a bowler, and was quite upset that she could neither drum nor bowl any longer because of lack of feeling in her hands. She had been undergoing a […]
  • Mr. Bojangles
    A day or two before the Crooked Man arrived, another senior gentleman with a similar problem arrived. He came with one of those walkers with the seat on it. He was leaning on it really hard as he came in the doors of the office where I work. As slim as he was, one would think […]
  • The Crooked Man That Walked The Crooked Mile
    When this 60+ year old gentleman came to see me, I discovered that he had apparently been living in the condition he was in for quite a number of years. His body looked almost mangled to some degree. He was torqued on the front left side of the hip, so he leaned down on that […]
  • Choosing The Right Therapist
    There is much about the massage industry that the general public does not understand. My issue with this is that instead of doing more to educate the public, the massage industry has been taken over by corporations whose main concern is their financial bottom line. As such, instead of educating, they promote ignorance by insisting […]
  • Foot Pain Released
    One of my frequent clients is an elderly lady who claims she has arthritis in several areas of her body. However, she has complained of pain in her feet that she never identified as arthritis. For some reason, she simply identifies this as pain; which she says is so severe at times, that she cannot […]

RSS A Walk With God

  • The Labyrinth of Relationships: Wrestling With Forgiveness
    There was an incident that started this ball rolling and all of this introspection I am now doing. If you haven't read this article yet, you should read it first prior to continuing to read what I am now writing, because it will give you a good picture of why I am where I am now. Aside […]
  • The Labyrinth of Relationships: The Attitude of Entitlement
    People are so self serving. I too, am probably guilty of this in some circumstances, to some degree. The degree to which I always find this demonstrated however, is as an extreme example, usually due to some person's failure to perform properly due to some set standard; whether in society, culture, or by rule or […]
  • Dream Journal – Day 1 The Spirit World and Your Destiny Part 16
    Dan 1:3 ¶ And the king spake unto Ashpenaz the master of his eunuchs, that he should bring [certain] of the children of Israel, and of the king's seed, and of the princes;Dan 1:4 Children in whom [was] no blemish, but well favoured, and skilful in all wisdom, and cunning in knowledge, and understanding science, […]
  • The Labyrinth of Relationships: The Far Side of Customer Service
    Yesterday, as my son and I were on our way home; me from the job, and him from the library; a surprising incident took place. We were on a side road from the highway, I-595. We were traveling eastbound, and this side road can lead you from the city roads onto the highway, or to […]
  • Dream Journal – Day 1 The Spirit World and Your Destiny Part 15
    It's been a while since I did an entry on this study, so if you need to reference where we last left off, click here. Dan 1:2 And the Lord gave Jehoiakim king of Judah into his hand, with part of the vessels of the house of God: which he carried into the land of […]
  • The Labyrinth of Relationships: Party People
    Party People, Party People,We gon' get funky, soul sonic force,We gon' get funky, yaaaaa just hit me...If you know this groove, you have a pretty good idea of the era I'm from. Recently, I was directly and indirectly involved in party situations. Now, I gotta tell you that for me, going to a party means […]
  • The Labyrinth of Relationships: Walking with Humility and Grace
    Today, I was liberated. I was set free on two levels. But I digress. Let me go back a few weeks. I finally found my new church home! It took me two years. I've finally found a place where the spirit is one of humility. All I'm going to say is that I left my […]

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