Hello and greetings to all that have graced me with a visit to my site. I am a writer and Manual Therapist focusing on pain problems as a whole body issue. I have created a unique technique and system to release pain; thus my purpose is to enlighten and educate the masses on what I see that is missing in our so called “health care system,” which refuses to educate realistically because there is no attention paid to finding the cause. My intention is to inform people on the various simple aspects of what causes pain, so that they can assess their lives for a solution and take back control, managing and maintaining their spirit, mind and body in such a way as to eliminate pain.

My focus, and the focus of this website is to teach and inform my readers about the whole body. My viewpoint is Holistic, and I believe in the Whole Body Perspective. As you can see on my site’s main menu, I have divided my categories according to a Spirit, Mind, and Body perspective. In this site, you will find articles that correlate with those 3 themes; articles that focus first on Spiritual Lessons; in which I divulge personal lessons God teaches me. Secondly, you will find articles on Healthier Living, which involves the mindset, and perspective, as well as shifting one’s paradigm. Lastly, in the Body section, you will find articles that concern massage and body maintenance; specifically, articles and upcoming videos related to finding the reasons for pain problems and how to release pain from your body naturally.


You will also be able to contact me if you are interested in massage services and live in the Broward County area of South Florida.

At the moment, this site is under some major renovation as I get all the articles categorized, and the site the way I’ve described it here. I am pulling in articles from 6 different locations online, so bear with me and give me a little time to get my ducks in a row. I’ve had to make this change to simplify things, as 6 sites were too difficult to manage and I was not writing as frequently as I wanted to. However, it is my hope that this change will be more beneficial to my readers, and make it much easier to find the information you are seeking here. My hope is to inform, and encourage so that my readers learn and grow with me. Thank you so much for honoring me with your presence on my journey. I look forward to this new phase in my online evolution, and hope you will continue to stay with me as I grow in this media. Peace and blessing to all.

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