When Children Dream Part 2

Apparently, I wrote the first entry to this off the cuff. Normally, I write whatever I’m writing in a Word doc first, then transfer it over after I’ve had time to edit for errors. So while I was expecting to just find the document and post the second half on Monday, in the few minutes I had to be online; I discovered that there was no document to find. I had just written the first half in the blog itself.
I will say, though, that I was flattered to see that I had so many visits in such a short time span. In fact, several of you kept coming back, apparently looking for the second half to this topic. I’m very happy by your interest in my writing, and the fact that you appreciate what I have to say is very humbling. Thus, I won’t keep you waiting much longer.
However, let me let you know that I write in about 5 different places online. This blog is the newest spot, but I have other blogs, and an article site as well as my website that I write in. Usually, I try to put something new in each one every week at different times, but I’m not always successful in updating all of them.
It depends on the time restraints, but I’m trying to get myself organized enough that I can make a schedule and stick with it. Life just seems too spontaneous for absolutes though, so I will just tell you to check my side bar and the feeds coming in to them, as that will let you know where I’ve updated if I have not done so in this particular blog at the point in which you are visiting.
In reviewing the last post, I see that I already told you the meaning on the first dream. One thing that a friend of mine noted when I related all of this to her. My son had a dream in which he was on a pier, but it was about peer pressure.  That situation was in the natural realm, but it has actually moved into the spiritual realm as well. My son is battling with his belief. He’s battling with understanding his purpose. He feels like he can’t commit fully to God unless he knows his purpose, but he won’t be able to find his purpose without fully committing to God. It’s a catch 22, and he’s swimming in the lake of confusion, with an undertow of media pulling at him, trying to take him away. But…I have put him in God’s hands, and I serve a mighty God. My son will be fine. He will find his way, by finding God’s way.

However, in the second dream, I have found two meanings on two levels. (You may need to go back to re-read it in the first post on this topic.) Originally, the meaning was based on the natural world-in the flesh. Yes, there were spiritual elements definitely, but the first interpretation was about something that would happen in the physical world.
First of all, at the original time period of this dream, when my son walked into the park, he saw 3 frogs sitting on 3 lily pads in the pond. The first two sets of the number 3. I know you are probably wondering why I’m so attentive to numbers here. There are several studies in which I talk about numbers and the power of them. 
Who was on the 3 lily pads? None other than the Father, Son, and Spirit, of course. The third of the set of 3’s was once he went up the hill. The kids were playing and 3 balls came in his direction. The third set of 3, confirmed that this was a trial period in which he would be tested.
Additionally, the last set of three (the balls) could have represented any of the three typical attacks of the enemy, but the one that caused him to fall was lust of the eyes. Remember that he agreed to pick up the first 2 balls that came in his direction, but refused to get the third ball, which had gone past him and down the hill.
How did he fall then? After stating that he would not get that third ball, he went to “see” where it went. As soon as he did that, he found himself in a place of darkness. I told him that this was because he needs to let his no be no, and his yes, be yes.
This is how kids tend to get into trouble. They may do what the parent taught them and abstain from whatever the temptation may be, however, they hang around to “see” what will happen. By doing that, they are entertaining foolishness or sin, and when you entertain sin, it will catch you by the heels (by surprise) and not let you go until you too, are snared in its grip and in trouble.
Once he got into the dark place, he was afraid and began calling for me. At that point, he saw a light, and began to follow that light, no longer calling me, but following the light and moving closer towards it until he found his way out of the darkness. At the time that I first saw this, when he first told me the dream; I stated that he should have been calling God, not me. Now, however, I realize that I am his guide; the example that he follows that brings him to the place where he can see the light.
Never forget the eyes that are watching you in your walk. You won’t be perfect. None of us are, and we will all slip and fall at times. What I have learned though, is it is how you handle the fall that counts. Do you reach out for Daddy’s hand (reach for the Lord) to help you get back up, or do you struggle to get up yourself, and run off in embarrassment? God is not worried about your fall, but about whether or not you will turn to Him or run from Him in shame. That is the real test of all broken people.
That was the physical side of the dream, which happened in his reality already. Even I had a dream about the darkness he was going to go into in the physical realm. I had this dream just 2 weeks before the event happened. I’m still debating on if I want to tell you the actual events, so bear with me. I’ve gotta pray about that.
However, there is also a spiritual side that I just recently saw as I was in the midst of writing these posts. Everything in the dreams is the same, but the difference is the darkness that occurred. Instead of a physical darkness, it is a spiritual one, in which the light of God looks like a small light that is far away. He can see it, and is moving towards it, but it’s a slow progression. One thing that makes me know that the darkness is spiritual is the fact that he now says he no longer dreams.
This, coming from a child with a dream gift; tells me that some darkness has blocked his innate ability, and he’s not hearing from God the way he was as a child. I mean, this is a child that would come running to my room at night, asking me if I had called him, like Samuel did, when I had not.
This is why scripture says that you must come as a child, because children’s spirits are more open and receptive because they are more trusting than we are. They haven’t experienced the fallacies and life’s cares and disappointments to cause them to be skeptical or doubtful yet.
It’s just like I recently told my son about when I was a babe in Christ. In the beginning of my walk with Christ, I wanted assurance that He was always with me. I want my son to have this assurance as well, because he is always saying that he feels lonely and alone, even when with me.
Being that his father was never around after my separation and subsequent divorce due to lack of interest; my son feels that I’m all he has. He wants a girlfriend so that he doesn’t feel alone. I tried to explain to him (at 16) that God is the one that would remove that feeling of loneliness, but he cannot see it yet.
He’s got some really good understanding of some principles and things in scripture, because we discuss them. He likes doing deep studies with me. But, his personal relationship with God has yet to develop, so I’m trying to find ways to encourage him.
What do I think blocks his abilities? The hurt and anger concerning his father and the disappointment and depression he went into after his father passed. Additionally, the bullying and harassment he suffered in the first three years after returning to public school – middle school, the worst time ever for a kid. All of this occurred in the first year he returned to public school after being homeschooled for about 3 years, and it went downhill from there.
After recognizing his disabilities, (ADHD & Asperger’s Syndrome) which manifested heavily during this time period, I got him into a different school; one focusing on children with emotional, behavioral and social problems. This was where the turnaround began. So slowly, we are progressing, and he has moved out of the depression. He became happy once we moved into a house, and he was moved out of that first middle school, despite having to repeat twice as a result of that school.
So now, I’m trying to help him move towards that light again. In doing so, I mentioned to him what I used to do when I was first a babe in Christ, and wanted to know He was always with me. I would ask him to touch me. I would literally stretch out my hands, palms up and ask Him to touch me. I would ask Him if He was with me, and would He touch my hands so I would know that He was indeed with me. Then, I would get pins and needles on my hands as He touched me to let me know He was always there.
When I started to explain this to my son, he claimed that it was a circulation thing, but how could it be, when it only occurred when I made this request? I had told him about how, when I worked at night in the post office, we had a 15 minute break. I was usually trying to catch a cat nap in that time, and I would ask Jesus to wake me at the end of the 15 minutes, because at that time, I had no watch. I would sit or lay down on the couch in the locker room and sleep, and exactly 15 minutes to the “T,” I would start getting pins and needles on my hands, or shoulders, or the top of my head, and sometimes my feet, to wake me up. I was always back from my break on time.
Even as I’m writing this now, I’m getting the same touch on my hands. I did this for a long time, and every time, God would touch me, sometimes enough so that I felt the weight of his hands and not just the pins and needles. When I became confident of the fact that He is always with me, I stopped asking to be touched. I had grown in my faith, and I no longer needed that as proof that He is with me.
So I tried to tell my son to test God on this. If he wants to know if God is with him, to have the faith of a little child, and simply ask God to touch him, so he will know he’s not alone. I’m waiting to see the results – if he does it. I know it will bring him one step closer to God. Peace and blessings.