When Children Dream Part 3

It started a about 5 or 6 years old, but I’m sure I was 5. It was one dream with two parts. At the time, we lived in Topeka, Kansas, and my father was stationed on the air force base there.

The dream starts in the playground at the back of our elementary school. We used to go there to play all the time with our neighbors. A group of us was there on that day, and I had decided to go home, so I left the playground, and instead of walking up the grassy hill of our neighbor’s back yard, I chose to go on the sidewalk instead.

As I was walking up the rise (small hill), it started getting dark outside, as if it was evening, but it was early in the day. As the light was fading, I began to run towards my house, reaching it just as the the darkness reached me. I went inside to find the whole house in darkness.

The house was set up in this fashion: As you come through the front door, if you made an immediate right, you would be walking into the kitchen, which was like a two-sided, cabinet-filled passageway into the dining room. The dining room extended beyond the kitchen, connecting on that side to the living room, which was also visible from the front door if you walked straight ahead. The hallway was on the left as you walked towards the living room, and there were three bedrooms, a basement, and a bathroom and linen closet.

I began feeling my way through the house, down the hallway-holding on to the walls, and calling out my family’s names. As I touched each door in the hall and passed it, they started to glow. Again, as I passed the doors with my hands making contact, the doors now opened and as I walked ahead, four creatures came out of these doors, one out of each respectively. There was a Dracula, werewolf, mummy, and a Frankenstein monster. I heard a sound and looked behind me to see these four creatures coming towards me.

I began to run as fast as I could, turning to look over my shoulders to see how close the creatures were to me. One minute I’d look, and I’d see the creatures. The next minute, I’d look, and see my family chasing me. I did a double take, and it flashed back to the monsters. I kept running and the rest of the house just disappeared. The hallway went on forever it seemed, and the monsters kept chasing me. I ran until I actually ran out of hallway-it abruptly ended, and I ran off the edge.

As I was falling into the darkness-a darkness so black you could literally feel it; I saw the creatures looking down at me from above. As I was falling, I began to see what looked like vines, or maybe veins along what may have been the walls or side of this blackness I was falling into; but they were red and orange and yellow-a hellish looking combination of these colors.

My falling was abruptly stopped as it seemed something had caught me. As my eyes adjusted to the dim light, I discovered that I was in a gigantic spider’s web. Knowing that this meant there was a spider somewhere nearby, I began to struggle to extract myself from this web. I frantically looked around for anything that could assist me.

Off in the distance, I could see the spider approaching. I squeezed my eyes shut and made a mental call for help. When I opened my eyes again, I looked down and saw a bush…a briarpatch. Of course, having heard Brer Rabbit stories for most of my little life up til that point, I bounced on the web to try to bring it down low enough to grab the bush.

The spider was moving in earnest towards me at this point, so I had to hurry. Finally, I reached the bush, and began to pull myself down into an opening I found in it. I had just gotten into it, and scurried away from that opening, when the spider arrived. I covered my mouth and nose, trying not to make a sound, even from breathing.

This huge spider moved all about searching for me-sniffing for me. Again, I closed my eyes and sent out a mental call for help. This time, when I opened my eyes, I was in a different place.

The rectangular room was all white. There were no windows-no doors; only the white walls, the eggshell carpet, and white large cushions. There was not a spot of dirt on anything. I was sitting, Asian style, on these cushions facing the long part of the rectangular walls.

As I was sitting there trying to figure out where I was, I noticed a black smudge had appeared in the wall I was facing. The smudge was moving, getting larger and larger. It began to take form as it grew, gaining definition and looking much like a stick figure of a man at first.

This shadow grew, and as it grew, it did look more and more like a little man, but this little (literally- he was short) man was wearing a top hat, and a tuxedo with the tails. He was walking towards me from within the wall. As he approached me from within the wall, I could see that his body was that same blackness of the pit I had just escaped from, and it had the hellish vines running all through it. All I could see was his face. He looked rather old, and very mean and ugly. He had a large bulbous nose, much like some German people have, and had a look of a miser.

When he had gotten close enough to me in the wall, for me to see his face, he said to me, “My name is Beezlebub and I’ve come to kill you!” With that statement, he suddenly began to expand across the wall. That horrid nasty blackness began to expand and take over that entire room, and within seconds, I was back in the total blackness of the pit I had just escaped out of!

My mind couldn’t comprehend what had just happened. I closed my eyes trying to block it out, but it didn’t go away. I couldn’t get that horrid place out of my head. I closed my eyes again, rubbing them hard, but it was no use. I could not get rid of those horrible vines and that blackness from the pit.

Once more I closed my eyes, but this time I again mentally called for help. It felt like my mind screamed it. I kept thinking, ‘I need HEEEELLLPPPPP!’

Suddenly, I heard a quiet voice say, “Think on good things.”
“Good things?” I asked in my mind. ‘Good things,’ I thought in the silence. ‘What is good?’ Then it hit me. ‘LIGHT!’ ‘WHITE LIGHT! BRIGHT LIGHT!’

I began to focus on bright, white light and as I did, the blackness cleared out of my mind. I focused again, because the room was still black. I closed my eyes and focused on bright, white light, and when I opened them again, a large white face had appeared in the middle of all that blackness. It looked similar to a pac man face, but had two slits for eyes, a slit for a nose, and a slit for a mouth…like an Asian pac man.

I looked at the face, and the face looked at me…and then it smiled at me. I felt safe then. I focused on the face, and it expanded and took over the entire room, bringing it back to pure white again. I sighed a sigh of relief. It was over, I thought….but I was wrong.

Beelzebub popped back into the wall again, and made the same threat to me. I couldn’t believe it, but he started to expand yet again. However, this time, as he tried to expand, the whiteness that had been Face fought back. You could literally see the battle as the blackness fought against the light. It looked like fingers from opposing hands, interlocked and pushing against each other. I thought I’d help in the fight, so I focused my mind totally on Face, and willed Him to win…which He did.

At that point, the dream ended, but it would recur again for years. In fact, it continued to recur, whether in part or in full, for 20 years. For the first couple of years, I would have the whole dream, with the first part of the dream with the pit scene and the spider included. After a while, however, I would just dream the second part-the battle in the white room.

There were times when the dream took over my awake moments. I remember sitting in church, watching my parents singing in the choir of our Baptist church; and suddenly, it was like a veil was thrown over my eyes. I would be looking straight ahead at them, and see nothing but that hellish blackness. Then I’d have to go into battle with Face- that’s what I named Him. Face and I would fight it out. I actually would call Him mentally as the battle started to help me. He would always be there right when I needed Him.

As I’m sure most of you have realized, Beezlebub, was the name I understood as a small child, but it was Beelzebub who had spoken to me, threatening my life. I’m sure it was because he knew, even then, of the threat I would grow up to be to him. And, shortly after these dreams began, my parents had to rush me to the base hospital because my throat started to close up.

I woke up one night, fighting to breathe. That was the first of several attacks on my life. Another was a bicycling accident as a child in which my head was busted open. There were several incidents concerning the “monsters” in my household, some of which involved my life getting threatened with knives. Mind you, this was before certain persons in my household got saved. And years later…my own 5 year old dreamed of an attack against me for 6 months straight, and another biking accident happened in which my left leg sustained a double fracture.

You see, I was supposed to be stopped, because I would inevitably become a writer, telling you all about the power of God; and become a massage therapist, activating a gift for healing. So “Beezlebub wanted to stop me. This is why I write about these things. People have no idea the battles their children are going through, in the dream/spirit world, as well as the physical world.

I could never have told my parents about that dream. I only just recently told my mother…some 30+ years later. How could I as a child, explain what I just explained to you all? I could see it clearly. It is etched in my mind, because it was an ongoing battle I had as a child. But it was not something I could have ever explained back then. I told my mother, “You would have thought I was crazy.” She was not at a mindset to even receive that information, let alone handle the fact that her child was being spiritually attacked.

For those of you that are in the Spirit, be mindful of your child’s dreams, and try to get them to explain as much as possible to you, trusting that you will not be angry or upset with whatever the dreams reveal. It could show you what you need to pray about, and over your kids; or warn you of something that is coming, such as my accident that my son dreamed about at 5 years old. Keep your kids in prayer. GB