The Dream: The Evil Gators

So my son has this dream last year around September, and as usual, when he an unusual dream; he always comes to me for the interpretation.

My son opens our front door to find our house surrounded by water. There is a flood, for reasons not revealed at the time. The water comes right up our drive up to our porch. It’s not real deep in our yard, but it is quite deep in the rest of the neighborhood. The water in our yard is clear. My neighbors to the left or north of us happens to be gay. The younger one is standing in his flooded drive, up to his knees in murky water. He is trying to see in the water, but can’t get a clear view because the water is so muddy. He’s attempting to fish with a fishing pole in this murky water he’s standing in, but he can’t catch anything and he doesn’t know what he’s looking for.

My son & I both come outside on the porch. There is an attractive woman in red and black, with long hair, floating in the sky a few feet away. She attempts to coax my son away. He moves towards her a little ways. Then a man in red and black appears next to her. He gives her a full kiss and the two of them laugh at my son. I have also entered the water as well, but again, the water around us and my house, up to the street corner ( we live on a corner lot ), is clear.

So both of us are floating or treading water and there are red and black gators in the water all around us. The ones that surround my son are fairly close to him, but they aren’t touching him…just watching. The gators around me have a much wider berth, ( according to my son ), because my spirit & connection to God is much stronger than his, so they are keeping a good distance away from me, and again, they are watching us. The man in red and black grabs my son by his foot and picks him up into the air several feet, then slams him down into the water, knocking him out. They laugh and disappear, and my son wakes up.

Now in the past, when I had a dream involving a flood, I knew immediately upon waking, that this flood meant judgment. In this case however, I was not struck with that impression when my son told this dream; particularly because the water around us in particular, and my house was clear. Now, concerning my neighbor and the murky water in his yard, that may have been the case. It may have been a judgment issue; however, I did not know this for sure at the time.

What I saw when my son asked me the meaning, was that my neighbor was in confusion. He was seeking something, but couldn’t see clearly because spiritually, he wasn’t in the right place. So his water was murky and muddy, and he is fishing…seeking…trying to find something; an answer perhaps, but he is like a car spinning its wheels in the mud.

The water around our house was clear, which I had no real impression on, other than, we weren’t in judgment, but perhaps facing a lot…too much on our plates…that sort of thing. I classify that better later, but this was my impressions at the time he told me the dream. However, I did understand that there were enemies all around us waiting to attack. The whole thing with the man and the woman who tried to seduce my son, was understandable, because that was just another attack against my son concerning the idea of having a significant other.

The whole thing with the man in red & black picking him up by his foot and throwing him down…well, I wasn’t sure about that at the time, but the answer should have been obvious.

Months later, I realized the gators had started their attack. I wrote about a few of the attacks once I realized we were under attack. I continued that article here because there was too much to tell in that first post; and imagine…it didn’t end there.

So once I figured out that we were definitely under attack, it increased. I was battling all of the above, including now having to start researching new schools for my son, and the finances that I could be facing with a McKay grant. Not only that, but I also have had three ongoing legal battles going on, and was facing the possibility of having to move suddenly. So just as suddenly as I realized at the end of February, that we were under attack; it suddenly dawned on me that we were living in my son’s dream.

Up until this point, I hadn’t connected the part about the man in red and black picking my son up by his foot into the air, and slamming him down. (That’ll be another post) My son claimed that he almost died in that attack in the dream; and most certainly, he was knocked out. I connected this part in March as I began to battle for my son concerning a medical procedure he needed.

At this point, I’m not sure that the battles are over yet. I know we were surrounded by water…like being overwhelmed, and I have been; but the worst of it is over. I can breathe again. My son is now fine, having come through his procedure and is in recovery. (Note: I wrote this line 2 days prior to this posting…I thought the worst was over, but I was wrong yet again…)