Beating Comcast-Xfinity At Their Deceptive Game

Life likes to keep us busy; distracted with nonsense and overwhelmed. This is, in part, why I have been missing in action around these parts for a while. However, I’m fighting back, and emerging from the muck in tact, and ready to tell it as it is.
In view of that, let me give you the run down on the fast one that Comcast-Xfinity attempted to pull on me. It may just resonate with the experiences of many of my readers with this company. To my future naysayers from the company, and I know they will attempt discrediting comments; my purpose as always, is awareness.
I feel that circumstances like this affect not only the mind in frustrating people, but ultimately can be disheartening to the spirit; and furthermore, can affect the body, because muscles have memory and store emotional angst and trauma in the form of tension.
Since my site concerns those three facets of spirit, mind, and body, I think the public has the right to know if a company deals deceptively with customers so they can make an informed decision on whether they chose to purchase services from them; or save themselves from a situation that can potentially have an adverse effect on their health and well-being.
That being said, I have long fought the idea of purchasing services of any kind from Comcast-Xfinity. Just because Comcast changed their public name to Xfinity, does not mean there was any revolutionary change in the company, or their manner of doing business. For years I heard horrible reports from numerous people about Comcast. I’ve read multiple consumer complaints about them, so I never had any intention of ever dealing with them.
So when I was discussing the Xfinity deal my son had informed me about, with a sales rep at Target; who subsequently referred to them as Comcast; I was immediately put off.
“This is Comcast?!?” I said, in shocked disgust. “I’ve never wanted to deal with them! I’m not interested.”
imageBut at that moment, a Comcast field tech happened to be close by, and he claimed that the company had changed since becoming Xfinity. Between his comments, and the sales rep’s, and the area manager I spoke to on the phone, I was talked into trying the deal.
The deal was $19.99/mth and $10/mth for the box rental. All I wanted was internet. The set and installation was easy enough, and soon, we were enjoying having internet services at home. The first month was fine. I personally think that it’s the setup for a manipulation that is too easy for the company to do.
The next month, we “suddenly,” for no apparent reason, began having connection issues. It never occurred to me at that time, that they remotely control these lines, and could easily initiate a ” problem” on the lines from their location. When I called the company, the tech “checked” the line, and told me that the problem was coming from outside my home. She stated that they would send a tech over to fix it, but I immediately questioned whether my account was going to be charged any additional fees for this tech visit; as I clearly stated that I would immediately cancel the account if that was the case.
She assured me several times that there would be no charge to my account, and that I didn’t even need to be home for the tech to fix the issue. There was, according to her, no reason for the tech to come in my house. However, that was not the tech’s story. He claimed that he needed to check to ensure that my box was properly installed as well, so as to prevent the need for an additional visit, and subsequent $50 charge on my account.
So naturally, I let him check it, still reiterating the fact the the rep on the phone assured me of no additional charges. He confirmed this, stating that the problem was indeed the outside line; and he said the box on the building needed to be replaced, as the cover was missing; but again, that was their equipment, and their cost.
When he left, everything was working and he reiterated to me that there was no charge because he was not required to do any installation.
A week ago, I went online to my account, with the intention of paying the bill; only to find that my $30 bill has magically jumped up to $93. I immediately called the company demanding to know why (the hell) my bill was listed at $93, and assuring them that I would NOT be paying that amount.
“Let me look at the information, ” the tech says, after getting into my account.
“Well, the information I have here, says that $93 is due on your account.”
Again I very firmly (and loudly) reiterated that this is incorrect and that I will not pay it.
“Let me look at the information, ” he says again; then says, “Didn’t a tech visit your home?”
I was getting hotter by the minute, and I stated that I had been assured by both the phone tech and the field tech that there was no charge.
“Let me look at the information,” he says again, irritatingly. “According to the information, an installation was done, which is the reason for the additional charge.”
“There was no installation done!” I yell, reiterating again about the original promises I was told.
“Let me look at the information,” he says again. “Well, ma’am, due to the installation that was done, your bill is $93. That is the bill.”
“You know what?” I say, fuming. “Get a manager on the phone! I’m not wasting any more time with you! I want to speak to a supervisor NOW!”
“Ok. Let me look at the information to determine if a supervisor is needed.”
Say what?!?
“Look! I am not paying this bill! You either get a manager on the phone right now, or you can just cancel this account!”
Again he says, “Let me look at the information,” as if it’s not right in front of him on his computer screen.
Now meanwhile, every time he has said, ” Let me look at the information,” and left me holding the line; I was having little conversations with my son about the reputation of this company and all the crap I had been hearing about them over the years. I stated how I had told him that this company was deceptive and a bunch of underhanded dogs, and that I never wanted to do business with them.
I had these conversations without muting the phone in any way, so the rep heard every word. So the second to last time he made that same statement, while he had me holding, I hollered out to my son, “Hey! Look on that table over there and get me that card from Hughesnet! They sent me some information on their services, and I need to check them out, because I see no future with these idiots!” If they have a good deal, I’ll just cancel this account and deal with them!”
Then, the rep comes back on the line (allegedly, as if he had ever really left), and I said, “Where’s the work order receipt from your tech, that I signed, agreeing that your tech did an installation in my home? When you can produce a work order I signed, then we can talk about this $93 bill you people are trying to con me with!”
Suddenly, the rep says, “Let me look at the information so that my supervisor can credit your account.”
Then he goes on to say that he, himself, has fully credited my account, and my charge is $30 like before. Meanwhile, the “supervisor” never gets on the line with me.

One of my son’s friends does call center work just like this for AT&T. When I told him and his girlfriend, (who works with him) about this rep constantly saying, “Let me look at the information,” and how annoying that was; they laughed and said it sounded similar to what they say to customers.
However, they also informed me that they can give the customer whatever they want, and basically must do everything they can to keep the account. The last thing they want is a customer cancelling.
I personally think it was the combination of my threat to close the account; the fact that I had another provider’s info already handy, and my demand for the work order receipt that made the rep credit my account. No supervisor was involved in this situation.
There was no work order receipt. The field tech never provided one, because the work order was never for an installation in the first place. But, if you don’t stand your ground, an unscrupulous company like this will manipulate you as much as they want.
When another rep called yesterday to inform me that at the end of the deal, the rate would go up to $66/mth; I very curtly cut him off by stating that I have no intention of utilizing their services once this deal is done. I’ll find another provider, even if it costs as much or more than they charge. I refuse to do business with a company that would manipulate people like this, and which does not value their customers by provided great customer service in good faith.
No one needs such aggravation, because it causes stress and tension, which will not help anyone maintain a good state of health.

Published by Sandy

I am a writer and Manual Therapist focusing on pain problems as a whole body issue. I have created a unique technique and system to release pain; thus my purpose is to enlighten and educate the masses on what I see that is missing in our so called “health care system,” which refuses to educate realistically because there is no attention paid to finding the cause. My intention is to inform people on the various simple aspects of what causes pain, so that they can assess their lives for a solution and take back control, managing and maintaining their spirit, mind and body in such a way as to eliminate pain.