How Does Stress Cause Your Pain?

People  always talk about stress and how stress affects us. But what is stress really? What causes us stress? Taoists believe that we should allow ourselves to float with the current of the river, at least, that is the message I got from reading the back cover of a book called The The Tao of

Remembering Why We Should Be Thankful

Is it necessary for everything in life to be fair? How would you balance it out? Would that make you a slave to circumstance?If everything has to be fair and equal all the time, where is the value? Are the trade offs worth it? Or, can you suffer with not having it your way now, to still have value and a benefit in the future?

Finding The Catalysts For Pain And Suffering

In order to find and understand problems that are the catalysts for causing pain and suffering in the body, one must view the situation from a Natural, Holistic viewpoint. From the Holistic perspective, the entire person and their personhood, must be included. The Holistic viewpoint does not separate, but brings together. There is no division,