The Secret To Obtaining Grace At Tax Time

Why would someone want grace at tax time? Paying taxes is a requirement by law. Laws are required to govern the land and provide boundaries. Having boundaries keeps us safe from harm. Tax time is a time of accountability; something most people run from. And why do they try to avoid it?

How Does Stress Cause Your Pain?

People  always talk about stress and how stress affects us. But what is stress really? What causes us stress? Taoists believe that we should allow ourselves to float with the current of the river, at least, that is the message I got from reading the back cover of a book called The The Tao of

The Fruit Is Within The Seed

“Mine is not to question why, mine is just to do or die.” Most people have probably heard this quote before, and understood the basics of it. I was one who understood the basics. It was, “Just do it.” “Quit yer yappin’.” “Stop your complainin’.” “Shuttup yu mout’,” (Jamaican colloquialism) “Git 'er done.” “Just do the damn thang!”

Holiday Thoughts And Memories

I was reminiscing about the holidays when I recalled something that resonated with the Nativity story; a movie that I recently re-watched. The holiday that came to mind was several years ago. My son was a young teenager, and my brother was still with us. That night after leaving church, I took lil man to

You Have A Purpose

All of us, no matter what our place, station, our lot in life or location in the world; get frustrated by the seeming futility of life. It seems as though we are constantly battling the riptides of this world’s corrupt systems; as we struggle to reach that ever elusive shore of our dreams. Weigh Your

Remembering Why We Should Be Thankful

Is it necessary for everything in life to be fair? How would you balance it out? Would that make you a slave to circumstance?If everything has to be fair and equal all the time, where is the value? Are the trade offs worth it? Or, can you suffer with not having it your way now, to still have value and a benefit in the future?

Finding The Catalysts For Pain And Suffering

In order to find and understand problems that are the catalysts for causing pain and suffering in the body, one must view the situation from a Natural, Holistic viewpoint. From the Holistic perspective, the entire person and their personhood, must be included. The Holistic viewpoint does not separate, but brings together. There is no division,

Fallen Asleep

Lately, I’ve been seriously contemplating something that I heard in a bible study group. I was thinking about this because it made me think about my brother’s passing. This was the scripture (HCSB) that caught my attention: Jhn 5:28 Do not be amazed at this, because a time is coming when all who are in

The Blessings of Faith

I needed a reminder. I’d been wallowing in self pity for a day or so. Got a bit depressed because I’ve been stuck in the house for four days straight, and was a bit frustrated at my progress in the direction I am now moving in. One of the changes I’ve been making is reviewing

Perspective: It’s All in How You See It, Part 2

Life is not about waiting for the storms to pass…It’s about learning to dance in the rain. Author Unknown Naomi has lost both her husband and her sons. Her husband’s spiritual state could have been the catalyst for his passing, but no specific reason is given. However for her sons, it seems that this truth

Perspective: It’s All in How You See It, Part 1

There’s something about reading books. I have read quite a few books on my iPad, and it’s nice for convenience sake, but it’s just not the same as holding a book, and turning the pages yourself. Personally, I love soft cover books so much better than hardcover, because they’re bendy and flexible, and easy to

Everybody’s A Christian – NOT!

What is a Christian? Really. I’m asking this question, not because I don’t know; but because the word Christian is so casually claimed. It’s the same backwards, flippant manner in which people claim to be in love after just meeting someone. Let’s get our word definitions straight. That’s lust, not love. Furthermore, Christianity does not

Spiritually Blessed

Everybody wants to be blessed. No one desires cursing. This why so many people call themselves Christians; despite the fact that they have no relationship with Christ, nor even any real association with God, nor any fellowship with Christian people or with a church.  Many of these same people don’t even think about God unless

Trials and Blessings

It seems as though I just disappeared, right? There is always a good reason for those times when it seems I am neglecting my site; when it seems that I’m not doing any updates or articles. Usually, it’s a trial that I’m going through. The Amusement Park that is our world, does not just contain