When Children Dream 1

Since starting this dream journal, I had misplaced my book. The book I’m referring to is How To Interpret Dreams and Visions by Perry Stone. I searched my room after finding several other books that I am in the midst of reading or studying, but somehow, that one has hidden itself temporarily from view.

Thus, knowing that nothing is coincidental, and everything happens for a reason, I feel impelled to share something else along the same lines, that may be beneficial depending on whether or not you have children, are a child yourself (at heart) or, have a dream gift that you are just discovering.

I put a number 1 on the title, because frankly, I may touch upon this subject again at a later date, as I have more than one story to relate. I was going to tell you about a dream I had as a child, but I decided to focus today on one my son had as a child. He has had several that were significant, as well as symbolic, and that were warnings.

Now, in my other site, I also wrote about dreams there, particularly one that my son had as a much younger child, which involved a potentially life threatening situation for me. However, the dream I’m going to tell you about now, was a warning for him, in fact, he had two similar dreams of this nature.

In the first dream, he saw himself at a lake. I was standing on the beach talking with someone. There was a small pier that went several feet out over the water of the lake. He had walked down the pier to the edge near the water. While he was standing there, a wave came up and knocked him off the pier.

You’d think he’d call for help immediately, but like most people, he figured he could handle everything on his own. So as he began to struggle against the waves, the undertow kept pulling him further and further away from the pier and the beach. By the time he realized that his efforts alone were not enough, and attempted to call me, he was so far from the shore, that I could not hear his call.

Now this situation applied to a particular set of events that have already happened to my son, but even as I write about this and describe this for you, I see another meaning coming. You see, these dreams and visions can manifest on two planes. I can be in the flesh, or in the spirit, or both. One thing you have to know about God-given dreams and visions is that they are not always just for one incident or one circumstance.

I have had a vision from my early 20’s that God has brought back to my mind on more than one occasion, and each time, I see something a little different in the picture of that vision that He wants me to understand. We are spiritual beings, but our flesh is like a barrier that prevents us from seeing only on a spiritual level. Depending on how close you are to God, will dictate your ability to see beyond your flesh and into the spirit world.

It’s a level thing. Thus, as you grow as a person in your relationship with God, your level shifts and changes according to your growth. If you aren’t actively seeking Him on your own, independent of church attendance, you will not see nor understand what I’m talking about. You have to actively seek Him out for yourself in order to really accelerate your growth and relationship with Him.

My son is still not as close as he needs to be to see in the spirit the way he should. He understand a lot, but he has not fully surrendered because his emotions need healing in order for that to happen. He believes in God, but he believes that God only favors me, and not him as well. He thinks that all the blessings he sees us getting are only on account of God’s love for me, and not for him. He doesn’t feel like he’s included in that, and I am still trying to figure out why.

My son, just like in the dream I described above, is still trying to handle everything on his own. He does not yet understand that dependence on God is what we are supposed to do, and that it’s not a burden to God, but a joy. Now, that dream has moved into the spirit realm, because he has already experienced it in the physical realm. The other dream was similar.

In that dream, he was walking in a park. He was on a dirt road, with a hill to his right, and a lake to his left. The road was like the letter “T” and he was on the long lower section of the letter in the road. At the top part, just beyond the lake and the hill, the road went to the left and right, but not straight ahead, as there was a drop.

As he was walking by the lake on the lower end of the “T,” he noticed 3 frogs sitting on 3 lily pads looking at him. He turned to the right at the end of the path and went up on the hill. There were some kids a ways away from him playing a game with 3 balls. The balls suddenly all came towards him, but one rolled past him down the hill.

A girl who had been running after the balls called out to him and told him to get the balls for her. He stated that he would get the two near him, but not the one that had rolled down the hill, as it was too far away. After retrieving the first two balls, he then went to “look” to see where the 3rd ball had gone.

As he walked to the edge of the hill to look, he suddenly found himself in a place of darkness. He had no idea where he was, but he was scared. He began calling for me, and when he did, he saw a light off in the distance. He began walking towards that light, and when he did, he eventually came up out of that dark place. There the dream ended.

As usual, whenever my son would have these dreams, he would wake up and come asking me what it means. I explained to him at that time, what the dreams indicated. The first dream showed a situation in which he had gotten in trouble of some sort. The wave that knocked him off the pier could have been from any number of sources or situations that he thought he knew how to handle, but that overwhelmed him. At the time, I distinctly remember telling him that this had to do with peer pressure.

The fact that he was in a place or position to get knocked down was enough of a warning, but additionally, he was actually knocked down, and not just down, but into a situation that he could have potentially drowned in. While he was struggling to swim back to the shore, the undertow spoke of things behind the scenes that he knew nothing about. It is often this way with us all.

We think we have a grasp on a situation, but we don’t know the undercurrents of it. This is why trusting God is so vital, because He has the aerial viewpoint, and He knows all that backstage stuff that’s going on. If you don’t have that relationship with Him, you won’t get warned of what to be on the lookout for.

The fact of the matter is that while my son, in his dream was fighting with his pride in trying to handle everything himself, he got further into the mess and closer to a situation in which he would have drowned in it. He was pulled out so far away from where he should have been, which was with me, because he thought he was strong enough, or knew enough to deal. He waited until almost the last minute to call for help. That is not the time.

The time to call for help is before things get to the point where you might not be heard. God has his limits too. Sometimes, He will allow us to go through the storm for a while until we recognize our need for Him. However, if He has been extending grace to you, over and over and over again, and you disregard Him continually, and insist on doing what you know is not right; there will come a point in which He will get tired and leave you to your own devices and subsequent disaster.

In other words, don’t test Him. There’s a difference between trying God, and testing God. You don’t want to do the later. Later, I will continue this post, and explain the other dream my son had. Until then…may God bless you and keep you. May God make His face to shine upon you. Peace.

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