Dream Journal – Day 1 The Spirit World and Your Destiny Part 11

The next section on the dream journal is a reference to Daniel 4. However I am going to go back to the beginning of the book. I think that we need to go to the beginning, because we need to establish the character of Daniel.
The 7 C’s of character
Daniel is one of a few men in the bible, that God says absolutely nothing negative about. This is due to his devotion to the Lord, and, to the exemplary character and leadership qualities he had as a servant of God.
1. Character
He displays character by refusing to do wrong before foreign kings.
2. Competence
Kings offer to pay him for his ability to interpret dreams.
3. Convictions
He refused to eat their rich food or drink wine.
4. Courage
He faces the lions den without flinching.
5. Charisma
He is so exemplary, that royalty wants him to play key roles in government.
6. Commitment
He maintains committed to his God despite pressure to compromise.
7. Compassion
He never loses his love for others, even in an enemy culture.
Daniel and his friends were faithfully led by God from the time they were young boys. They continued this lifestyle as adults, so that by the time of the Babylonian captivity; they were able to stand firmly in the midst of pressure from an enemy culture. Daniel serves as an example of what can happen God is intimately involved, and connected to us in a relationship.
The book of Daniel is an illustration of what happens when a leader stands strong in a relationship with God. That strong connection results in cooperation between God and that leader that affect the world.
Some of the lessons Daniel teaches us about leadership are:
Leaders must first possess Godly qualities before they develop skills.
Commitment precedes everything – resource is will follow a leader’s resolve.
Leaders must often stand alone as they begin their journey.
To identify the leader in a group, look for the one to whom everyone listens.
A gift may take a leader to the top, but humility enable him to endure.
Spiritual leaders talk to God about people before talking to people about God.
Godly leaders do not pursue their own fame, but are out to make God famous.
Before Daniel’s life and purpose is through, he has left a legacy that influences the reign 3 kings. He showed himself to be a man who loved God, and embraced his faith; moving from an interpreter of dreams to a dreamer himself; and providing prophetic insight to the end times.