Is Going Green the Same as Eco Sustainability?

What is the difference between the green movement and the sustainability movement? The difference is DEATH! Have I got your attention? Good. You see, I was probably like you, thinking that going green, being eco-friendly and sustainability was one and the same thing; after all, they are often spoken of and interchanged in conversations frequently. I call it language semantics, and it is a tool of deception, often utilized within a system that wants to keep people in the dark. We’ve all been hearing and seeing so much about the global community moving towards a more green way of living. However, moving in a more green direction and what is called sustainability are not one and the same. There are two different meanings of this word sustainability. Here is the first:

“However, in 2007, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) presented its findings, reaffirming that climate change is becoming a potent driver of increased risk in the form of extreme weather events and through slower-moving phenomena such as resource degradation and the erosion of territories and livelihoods. Large-scale humanitarian impacts are expected as water and food security deteriorate, floods and storms lay waste to cities and essential infrastructure, and people are displaced. Children, as ever, will be in the eye of the storm.

Furthermore, failure to protect children from the effects of climate change will hinder the world’s progress towards the Millennium Development Goals (MDG Climate-related hazards are documented to be on the upswing, accounting for 70% of all disasters, up from around 50% from two decades ago). According to the Human Development Report 2011, environmental deterioration threatens to reverse recent progress in human development for the world’s poorest, increasing inequalities within and across countries.

“And the burden of climate-related hazards is not borne equally: the risk of injury and death from floods, high winds and landslides is higher among children, women and the elderly, especially for the poor. The striking gender inequality of natural disasters suggests that inequalities in exposure —as well as in access to resources, capabilities and opportunities—systematically disadvantage some women and girls by making them more vulnerable.” 1 Immediate and sustained action is required to stop climate change if irreversible and potentially catastrophic damages are to be avoided.”

You see, this is what we understand when we hear the word sustainable or sustainability. We all think that the reference is to help mankind. Most people don’t know that what the Elite of this world consider to be sustainability is the exact opposite. This sustainability movement has been around for far longer than the green movement. This movement started as far back as the 1940’s, within the Illuminate or Elitists group. These people have been secretly working on this sustainability plan all this time, and have slowly been utilizing the media to keep the masses moving in the direction they want us to go in. What am I talking about? I’m talking about Depopulation. That is what this move towards one world government is all about. That is what “sustainability” is really all about.

They want to eliminate national sovereignty, and replace it with one world mindedness, because it will give them license to move against the people they choose in every nation. They are coaxing the masses with offers of things like, free health care, and other “benefits.” It sounds so lovely to the ignorant masses who don’t realize that they are being led to the slaughter. And, have you not wondered how the Islamic have spread into every country? Islamic sects have sprung up everywhere. That is the militia the Elitists will use. They are currently attacking Christians worldwide. They’ll be used to go after everyone else on the Depopulation List in the future.

There are studies that point out the inequality in wealth distribution world wide, and the need to level it out so that the overall economic picture and impact world wide would be better. However, this is not what the Elitists want, because with an increase in wealth comes an increase in power, and the Elitists want the power and control. “Redistributing 1.6 percent of the income of the richest 10 percent of the global population,” the report noted, “would provide the $300 billion needed to lift the 1 billion people living on less than a dollar a day out of extreme poverty, at least temporarily.” And that shift would soon evolve into a permanent state of affairs, the report added, because “improved distributional equity” would both increase “the size of the economic pie” and enable the poor “to capture a bigger slice of that pie.”

Just weeks later, a team of economists and social scientists from the World Bank pounded home the same message. The World Bank’s top analysts acknowledged for the first-time ever, as a BBC news analysis noted at the time, “that redistribution — as well as economic growth — is needed to end world poverty.” Nations can’t offer equity of opportunity, stressed Francisco Ferreira, a co-author of the World Bank Equity and Development report, without first achieving a healthy measure of equity in distribution. That’s because, Ferreira explained, “societies with extreme inequality in wealth generate also extreme inequality in power.”

Governments that reflect these extreme inequalities in power, the World Bank economist added, tend to govern not in the public interest, but in the interest of wealthy elites. Other economic and social analysts, meanwhile, have been pointing out that deep economic inequality can have as socially destructive an impact on rich nations as on poor. Affluent and poor people alike in relatively equal “rich” nations, for instance, live longer than affluent and poor people in “rich” nations that tolerate greater inequality. Japan, the nation with the world’s most equal distribution of income and wealth, currently sports the world’s longest life expectancy, at 82.2 years, reports the recently released 2006 UN Human Development Report.

The developed world’s most unequal nation, the United States, now ranks 30th on the global life expectancy list, at 77.5 years, despite spending considerably more on health care than any other nation in the world. In 1970, a much more equal United States ranked 12th.” – See more at: Equal distribution is the last thing the Elitists want, thus, their answer to the percentages in that study, is to eliminate the poor, thereby eliminating the need to distribute the wealth equally.

There are some “Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth” that foretold this move by the Elitists to make this move against mankind as a whole, but if you are not of the mindset to accept that, you might miss the boat, and be here at the time they are ready to take action and wipe out 2/3 of the planet’s population. This was spoken of in some Revelations, by people who lived centuries before our time. However, if you don’t believe in that source, let me introduce you to another one that you might find credible.

Mikhail Gorbachev: “We must speak more clearly about sexuality, contraception, about abortion, about values that control population, because the ecological crisis, in short, is the population crisis. Cut the population by 90% and there aren’t enough people left to do a great deal of ecological damage.”

Jacques Cousteau UNESCO Courier 1991: “In order to save the planet it would be necessary to kill 350,000 people per day.”

Bertrand Russell, The Impact Of Science On Society 1953: “I do not pretend that birth control is the only way in which population can be kept from increasing… War… has hitherto been disappointing in this respect, but perhaps bacteriological war may prove more effective. If a Black Death could be spread throughout the world once in every generation survivors could procreate freely without making the world too full… The state of affairs might be somewhat unpleasant, but what of that? Really high-minded people are indifferent to happiness, especially other people’s… There are three ways of securing a society that shall be stable as regards population. The first is that of birth control, the second that of infanticide or really destructive wars, and the third that of general misery except for a powerful minority…”

Henry Kissinger, 1978: “U.S. policy toward the third world should be one of depopulation”

David Rockefeller, 2000: “We are on the verge of a global transformation. All we need is the right major crisis and the nations will accept the New World Order.”

Are You Sustainable?

This goes on and on. You can read the full article at the link above. What these elitist people are saying is that there is a planned genocide coming in the near future. In fact, some of it is in motion right now. Think about it. All these years and no cure for cancer? I’m sorry, but that is not believable. And there are natural cures out there, but they don’t want this knowledge in mainstream media; which is why many of those companies are network marketing organizations.

But understand, all the news stories you see and hear about the crisis in the middle east and other parts of the world are all displaying the handiwork of this group of people who deem themselves as gods and control the events being reported. If anyone thinks 9-11 was bad, that was nothing! That was a drop in the bucket compared to what’s coming. 

fourhorsemen_of_the_apocalypseAll of this destruction was foretold. These people have been planning and creating sickness and disease, false famines and food shortages, and war to kill people for this purpose of depopulation. They can create climate disturbances, and “natural” disasters to wipe segments of the population out. I’m willing to bet that they cause earthquakes by initiating a series of explosions in certain remote areas, that would cause the plates to shift, thereby creating an earthquake. I think they have the technology to cause the currents to change temperature, making conditions conducive to create tornadoes and hurricanes.

The technology that we are aware of is only for the purpose of entertainment distractions to keep us numb and dumb, and unaware of what is really going on, and the devious plans in place. And the way they get the masses to accept their one world government plans are to talk about “Climate control and eco sustainability,” as if they never created the climate control problems; and as if sustainability was the salvation for everyone. They have created and encouraged abortion clinics to eliminate people through infanticide. And all the while that they are creating and causing death, they operate through a series of false organizations who’s alleged purpose is to “help” people. Better to wipe them off the face of the planet, than to let them get hold to any of their wealth through redistribution.

elitistsIf anyone remembers Bullet Proof Monk, the killers in that story were power-hungry extremists who hid their illegal operations and activities behind a humanitarian organization; and meanwhile, they were the ones creating the situations and crisis conducive for the human atrocities they claimed to be trying to prevent; and killing the helpless people they claimed to be trying to protect.

If I were a betting person, I’d say that people who make under $150k per year will be in danger because those are the primary ones they will target when they sweep out their mass genocide plans. When I read that article, at the link listed above, I was floored with the scope and magnitude of their lack of concern for anyone other than themselves; as well as the plan they have in place to eliminate 2/3 of the population. I knew about the four horsemen of Revelations, but I didn’t know that depopulation was the real reason for their arrival and the destruction to come. It bears investigating, because there are people and media outlets that they control that are claiming that certain right-wing groups are lying and trying to scare people out of the lull of dulled senses the Elite want them to stay in. The site of this article has a lot of info on the topic, and I for one, plan to invest some time reading the articles on that site.


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