Is Ignorance Truly Bliss?

As some of my readers may be aware, I had started “Sandy’s Slim Down Shake Up” Journey Journal at the beginning of this year; in an effort to make myself more accountable in my attempts to better regulate my health and dietary as well as physical exercise habits. After all, I’m a massage therapist, having knowledge and information on natural and healthier practices, and it has been my desire to help people, particularly those with pain and tension problems in their bodies; to be aware of how they are self-sabotaging and ultimately, causing their own pain conditions at best, and/or exacerbating an already injured area at worse.

One of the premises of my starting that Journey Journal, aside from just a desire to be healthier, is that I felt I needed to represent – ie: practice what I was preaching. So I started this journal with those intentions. However, I now see the need to revamp this whole journal thing. Not that I’m giving up on my intentions at all. I’m still trying to get my life to reflect that which I know in my heart to be true.

The problem at this point is my old arch enemy…time. I cannot currently keep up with the time it takes to edit the podcast; which is why those who have been following it, are still waiting for a number of updates that I did since the last one was published.

How-To-Start-A-Successful-PodcastDoing a podcast takes far more time and commitment than I realized, and honestly, I’m more committed to my readers in my three sites, then to that. It’s a great idea, but it puts far more on my plate than I can handle, and pulls me in one too many directions, and for this reason, I have to let it go. As to my personal journey towards health and wellness, that information will be on my pain management site, because I find that it is more related to the purpose of that site.

So for those following the podcast, it’s down; but I’m giving some measure of consideration as to how I might bring some of the tips that some of you may have found valuable, back to you. As I may have already stated, there were several recordings not published that were chocked full of good info; so I have to decide which medium to present that information back to you in, whether in articles or by video later on. I jumped into the podcast, not realizing how much work it takes. In reality, this could be very easily compared to having a radio show, and honestly, that is something that requires pretty much all of your attention if you want it to really succeed.

ignorance is blissMy ignorance of this was not blissful, but stressful. So this brings me back to the whole concept of self-inflicted pain or problems we often create for ourselves, which I wrote about here. Most of our self-inflicted problems are from a state of ignorance. We think we know something, or how to do something, and we’ve done that for years; or, we have done something for years that we had no idea was negatively impacting us because despite the signs, we either didn’t know what to look for that might cause problems later; didn’t know how to read the signs, or dismissed the signs due to our own self-centeredness. It could be a combination of any of those things.

For instance, who taught us how to breathe? What about how to walk? Did anyone teach you how to do this? No. This was one of those things that-according to all sources, comes naturally, right? However, did you know that the majority of the population are only getting about 20% of the oxygen intake they are supposed to be getting? That means that most people are losing 80% of the oxygen that they need to live.

Here’s another newsflash. Cancer hates oxygen. It can’t survive in a well oxygenated body. Does that fact get you more interested in breathing better? Would it be blissful to have continued not to know this in our cancer dominated society? And who said that the way you walk is correct? Do you know that most of the pain problems I release on a regular basis as a massage therapist, comes from problems in the feet, and are caused by how the person walks?

So is it any surprise then, to find that we are completely off track with how to eat? Now mind you, most of my health and pain oriented information will be found at my site, just like the body/massage info is at my site. I’m not going to go into a lot on that topic now. However, my point is that I recently discovered some information about health that blew my mind. I know God lead me to it, and I think it was the last link in the puzzle I’ve been trying to solve about my health and wellness for the last 20+ years.

I can tell you that ignorance has not been bliss at all, because ill-health is not spectacular. I have been concerned about my health, but not motivated enough to make a really radical change until now.

I have made changes a little at a time, but I’ve backslid too, every time my son says something like, “Mom, can we get a pizza?” My resolve in resisting his requests has not been very strong, and is coupled with my desire not to have to cook very often. It certainly is a barrier for my ability to be consistent.

But having recently gone to a fantastic 4 day seminar, that completely blew my mind; and then coming into this newest information, I know God is showing me. Honestly, God could not blare a louder bullhorn than the info I just found. Now I’m frightened enough to make a radical change. The tough job is to keep me moving and steadily consistent on this path. With God on my side, and armed with this new knowledge, I know I will get there.

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I am a writer and Manual Therapist focusing on pain problems as a whole body issue. I have created a unique technique and system to release pain; thus my purpose is to enlighten and educate the masses on what I see that is missing in our so called “health care system,” which refuses to educate realistically because there is no attention paid to finding the cause. My intention is to inform people on the various simple aspects of what causes pain, so that they can assess their lives for a solution and take back control, managing and maintaining their spirit, mind and body in such a way as to eliminate pain.