Holiday Thoughts And Memories

I was reminiscing about the holidays when I recalled something that resonated with the Nativity story; a movie that I recently re-watched. The holiday that came to mind was several years ago. My son was a young teenager, and my brother was still with us.

That night after leaving church, I took lil man to La Bamba for some good Mexican food, and then we took a drive and ended up in Hillsborough beach at the pier. I had never been on a pier and this one extended 700 ft into the water.

I really enjoyed just walking out onto that pier. When I got to the point that would be the farthest point that I’d go if in the water I started looking back at the shoreline because from that point on, it was like I was on a boat drifting away from the shore.

The difference in perspective was interesting, as I’ve never been out on a boat on the ocean before, so this gave me a bit of a view of what the shore would look like. I realized that going out on a boat was a serious step of faith, because you have no foundation under you. You are constantly in a state of flux.

On top of that, there are numerous creatures of all sizes under you that you cannot necessarily see. You are subject to things that are completely out of your control in nature, and there is nothing to hold on to, or hide in or under once nature gets started. To me…that is an extreme step of faith.

Now there are people who go out there without God…and without faith. I can’t understand that. In some cases…some go out as fools…throwing caution to the wind.

One such case, a guy told me about on the dock. He and his son went out  about 200-300 ft in a two man kayak. They had some kind of fish bait hanging in the water bleeding, and were just fishing. The father catches something, feels it pull out a bit, and then starts reeling it in.

It stops fighting then starts pulling out again. Then stops again. He thinks something is wrong and he’s right. A shark the size of the kayak has come back to see who has snagged him and is bumping the boat.

They start paddling like crazy for the shore, and cannot cut the shark loose because the line is tangled in the fishing bait. They finally manage to cut the line and break free of it, getting to shore, but I told him…”You’re crazy.” I can’t understand how they could go out that far in just a kayak. That to me is not faith…but foolhardiness.

Nevertheless, the view from this pier was great. The moon was full and beautiful. The clouds formed two precipices…looking like great cliffs. I thought I saw God’s army of millions of angels coming up to the edge, just as they might have done in waiting to rescue Christ during the crucifixion, at his command; which was never given.

Nevertheless I was sure that I had seen an army of angels at the edges of those clouds. I was thinking about that experience, while watching the Nativity story. I wondered if the legion of angels I had envisioned in the clouds had been there watching the events that unfurled leading up to the birth of Christ.

I had previously noticed that those that traveled to the place of Christ’s birth in Jerusalem, all left from their respective homes or starting points at different times, for different reasons. Mary and Joseph were going to Joseph’s hometown for the census. The shepherds were following the star looking for the miracle. The wise men were following a prophecy that spoke of the birth of a special King, evidenced by the appearance of a specific star.

What was fascinating was that the wise men stated that the star they were looking for was the result of the convergence of three planets that would seem to touch. Those were 3 stars were:

  • Venus – means Mother
  • Jupiter – means Shining Father
  • Third star – called Sharu – means King

Some astrologers have noted a similar coming together of stars in recent years, but they claim it’s Venus, Jupiter and Aries. But, in all the sights of similar conglomerations of stars since the birth of Christ, The third star called Sharu is never mentioned. That is because only one King was being announced this way; the King of kings.

Just as these stars seemed to intersect; likewise, those journeying toward Jerusalem also seemed to cross paths, meeting up at the birthplace of the King. They all met there around the same time period, despite having traveled from different regions, and leaving at different times. Whatever they may have encountered in their journeys, whether it was danger or delays; regardless, all of them ended up intersecting at the manger.

Some scholars claim that the wise men didn’t find Christ until he was about four years of age. However, I’ve seen nothing that supports the idea that this collusion of stars lasted for four years. In fact, it seems that the phenomenon that created that huge star is one that, from all the recent collusion, does not last longer that perhaps one night.

Additionally, Herod would have easily found them if he had four years to look for him, and they were still in that stable. Joseph probably would have built a house for them in that time, but I don’t believe that they lived there in the manger for four years.

Additionally, Herod went after children two years old and younger. It is believed that it took the wise men 3 years of travel before they found the child. That doesn’t mean they started their journey after the star appeared. They had been tracking the stars awaiting the appearance of this phenomenon, and started on their journey to where their studies predicted it would appear.

God will pull all the elements and resources together when He is creating our miracles. He is a planner, a master strategist, and starts collecting resources to deliver our blessings and miracles long before we even think to inquire about it. The birth of Christ was truly a miraculous event. Merry Christmas!

Published by Sandy

I am a writer and Manual Therapist focusing on pain problems as a whole body issue. I have created a unique technique and system to release pain; thus my purpose is to enlighten and educate the masses on what I see that is missing in our so called “health care system,” which refuses to educate realistically because there is no attention paid to finding the cause. My intention is to inform people on the various simple aspects of what causes pain, so that they can assess their lives for a solution and take back control, managing and maintaining their spirit, mind and body in such a way as to eliminate pain.